Travel Dates // Beloved Sessions

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Are you ready for an experience with your love that has the power to bring you to a deeper, more beautiful place?

It thrills me to be able to offer Beloved sessions to couples who are ready to play, explore, laugh, and connect.

I have a few travel dates this summer and would be so happy to book a session with you while I’m out and about!

Dates and locations :

Columbus, Ohio // August 30- 31

Baltimore, Maryland // Oct 17- 19

Los Angeles, California // Oct 20 – 24

Colorado (Breckenridge/Boulder/Denver/anywhere!) // It’s where I live, so most dates :)

I would love to connect with you and share in the experience of creating beautiful reminders of what matters most.

Please contact me as soon as possible to schedule a date! // 719.510.4995

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Brent + Ashley {a midwest wedding}

My first wedding of the season was a fun and beautiful wedding in middle-America.

The week leading up to the day had been sunny and warm in Nebraska; perfect early summer weather. The morning of, we worried about clouds rolling in and heavy winds. Although the weather did limit us a bit from getting as many photographs as we wanted to outside, we made it work! The town of Genoa is small and Ashley’s family probably knew everyone that lived there, including the man who had the keys to “The Indian School”.  In 1884 the school was opened up and eventually ended up serving Native American children from ten states and over 20 tribes until the government closed it down during the Great Depression.  Now the school is a museum and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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…just a little wind…

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….and a little wedding party…

untitled shoot-137

…and a party bus with plenty to celebrate…

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…an even bigger party to follow…

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If you’ve never been welcomed by a big community of Nebraskans in a small town, you’re missing out :)

Thanks so much for having me, Ashley and Brent.  May you be blessed in your life together!!

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Dee Anna + Travis {Beloved}

I met Dee Anna earlier this year and we became instant friends. She’s bubbly and kind, and has lots of ideas of how to make our community and city even better. She began an organization which raises support and money for a scholariship to one woman in our community who is a local small-business owner. See more about this great community of people at Women with Hatitudes. She is passionate about what she does, and she’s passionate about Travis. And as you may see in these photographs, he’s pretty happy about being with her, too :)

I’m so looking forward to photographing (and celebrating!) their wedding day later this summer!

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untitled shoot-033

“I was first attracted to his innocence and sweet nature. Travis doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and to me, that is sexy!”

 untitled shoot-049

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“Travis and I are still spontaneous and love adventure! We enjoy all of the same things and go out of our comfort zone for each other. I ride scary dirt bikes and he goes to my events. We complete each other…but not in a corny way! I can be myself around him”.

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“She’s always there to support me in whatever I venture into”.

untitled shoot-179

“Lots of reasons she’s the one….she’s kind-hearted, gentle, caring, a great mom…and the real cincher was the night I butchered my elk and she held up a rack of ribs as i cut them in half with a saws-all. It got messy but we couldn’t stop laughing”.

untitled shoot-235

“…It ONLY takes 9 months to sprout a baby…give mom a month recovery and we can have 12 children in 10 years”
untitled shoot-263
“When Travis asked me out for one of our first dates, he asked to take Tyler fishing. I knew he was a family man and was interested in getting to know me as a mother. He is my forever guy!”
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“He brings out the best in me.”
untitled shoot-164
I know you two are going to have a beautiful marriage!



I’ve been telling myself I need to start posting more of my work again…and thought this would be a good occasion to begin. Last night I got to photograph my second wedding of the season. It was a quaint back-yard wedding with the most beautiful detail and an even more beautiful bride. The evening was so heartfelt and I believe everyone there could feel the love and joy that Danielle and Russ have for each other. I will write more when I share the whole story…but for now, here’s a sneak peek of the gorgeous couple.

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a Portrait {of a city}

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Colorado Spring, Colorado.

Dan and I came out here in the summer of 2006 with the intent to stay for one year…

And here we are, almost seven years later, eleven places of residence, multiple jobs (for the both of us!) and an amazing community of people that we’ve come to call FAMILY.

We are so grateful and although we never intended to make Colorado Springs our city (and still aren’t always sure about it…)

Here we are.

More Portraits {of a city} to come.




the HOME project #3 : Yvonne + Zoe

I met Yvonne just this past weekend thanks to Erica, who sent her my way!

One of the coolest things about being a photographer is the privilege of getting to meet new people in their own spaces, and getting a glimpse into their lives, personality, and what is important to them. I love that! And I’m grateful for the opportunity of meeting Yvonne and her sweet companion, Zoe.

img_0346 (1)

img_0109 (1)


“Home is where, alone or with friends/family,

I feel whole,

at peace,

comfortable in my skin,

and can easily express my true self…

Zoe is the root of home:  unconditional love and acceptance.

Being present is all that is required to feel good”.

img_0441 (1)

I really enjoyed meeting Yvonne and Zoe, and getting a little glimpse into their lives. Yvonne has some really fun stories of adventures she’s been on and we laughed about some of her experiences while on a solo bike trip around Spain! Thanks, Yvonne, for trusting me to capture your authenticity and beauty!

Also, check out Shun-Luoi’s HOME project with our friend Yemi here!