Enriching lives through donation-based photography

Mimi's Dress Welcome to LoveRootsPhotography: Rooted in love

    Enriching lives through donation-based photography!

      The loveroots vision is that photography would be more than a passion for us and a gift for others. The vision is that everyone involved would be a part of the bigger picture. This is why we value our community, we care about justice, and we see everyone, regardless of income, as deserving something beautiful. Our hope is that loveroots would not only remind people of their own uniqueness and beauty, but would also inspire people to think outside themselves locally, nationally and globally.

This is why 10% of all your generous donations will go back into our community and into our world!

Stay tuned for updates…we are working on our ideas, photography, and website!


2 thoughts on “Enriching lives through donation-based photography

  1. My heart was so extremely touched looking at your pictures and the reading the heart behind why you are doing LoveRoots. Abby, the pictures are absolutely beautiful and I am not just saying that! It is clear to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the you have a gift as a picture-taker of God’s beautiful world. I am praying for God to continue to use this for His glory! love you!

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