Some exciting things to come!

It has been awhile!  Some excited things have happened and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to share photography and life with people!

I will be joining with Cambio.Yoga to do some photography for their website!  They are a donation-based yoga studio in Colorado Springs, CO. My friends at Cambio. are a wonderful, welcoming bunch and whether you love yoga, or have never considered trying it, Cambio. is a great place to go!

I am also planning on joining Children’s HopeChest on an orphan-care trip to Ethiopia!
This trip leaves in 42 days!   I am going to put any of my donations from photography toward this trip. To read more about my heart behind this trip and where to donate, please check out Rooted in Love.

I will also be doing some work with a very talented chef named Daniel with Red Iye Dimensions. I got to try some of his wonderful dessert at the Colorado Coffee Merchants jazz event in May.  And for real, the cheese plate changed my life!

And today, I get to do a fun photo shoot with my friend Kirsten and her adorable son…stay tuned for those photos and more!


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