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Do you love yoga?

Do you love yoga?  I love it so much but unfortunately, like many other loves in my life, I can’t seem to get the time to do it as often as I’d like.  When I write that, I hear in my head, “if it’s important, you will make the time to do it” (I’ve heard that a million times)! And I do believe it, sort-of.  What I’ve learned is that there are some seasons of life that are just much more full than others. I’m in one of those right now. Full-time work, graduate school, field placement, volunteering, photography, while still attempting to maintain important relationships.  It’s a challenge and some days I feel really tired.  But I am so grateful for this season. And I’m looking forward to the next, when hopefully, I can get back into a regular yoga/exercise practice.  If you’re in Colorado Springs and love yoga, you must check out Cambio. Yoga.  Cambio. is a donation-based, community-building studio that provides quality yoga with amazing instructors. Check out their website to find out more- and come to a class!

Enjoy a few of these photos we did for a project highlighting some Manduka products that you may see around the studio sometime soon!


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