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Felted Stones

Gretchen and I met a few years back at a local coffee shop (where I worked and she visited).  She is a lovely person and I really had so much fun shooting some of her work for an upcoming art show. She is a lover of nature and the outdoors, an avid hiker and gifted gardener (even with the winter frost, I could tell how beautiful and artful her yard must look in full bloom!) Some of her work is inspired by these things. She also has a store on etsy that I’d recommend you check out!

{See Gretchen’s Creations on Etsy here}

And if you’re in the Pikes Peak area, come check out her art show at The Bridge Gallery.

{and below, just a few favorites from our time}


One thought on “Felted Stones

  1. Lovely post! I saw some similar work at a recent fine art graduate show in Australia. I think it suggests a beautiful sentiment about the gentle appreciation of nature that we are still capable of nurturing 🙂

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