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Deep Gratitude brings great Joy.

Today, as I was driving with the warm(er) air breezing through my windows, the music playing, and the beautiful sun shining just over the mountains,  I was overcome with a deep sense of gratitude.

I feel like I’m in a season of my own right now.  Although it’s winter, and sometimes a little more dreary than I’d like, we have these days of amazing sun and spring-like temperatures.  Although I’ve had some personal challenges in this past year {I won’t go into detail here}, I’ve learned that sometimes challenges bring out the most beauty.  Sometimes that doesn’t sound good in the moment of suffering or struggle, but for me, in this moment- I accept that there is beauty in brokenness.  That beauty is at work, creating something even better and I am so thankful.  This season I’m in is one of hope and gratitude.  In the midst of whatever struggle I may be facing – or will in the future – it seems that this swelling gratitude is producing a deep joy that is changing me.

One of the most influential writers to me this past year has been Ann Voskamp.  You can read her blog here, and her book “One Thousand Gifts” is one I’ve given away a few times and need to get myself another one. She has reminded me through her words that gratitude is something that changes us deeply.

“Joy is always a function of gratitude — and gratitude is always a function of perspective.

If we are going to change our lives, what we’re going to have to change is the way we see.”

“Thanksgiving  {Or the giving-of-thanks}  is the lens God means for us to see joy all year round.”

The lens, in a real sense for me, has been a tool for seeing.  When I have my camera, I am open to beauty, open to seeing things in a different light.  And this has given me a greater appreciation for the world around me.  I wish I could describe this better in words…but I find it hard.  My hope is that my images will continue to show this to whomever may see them.  That through my lens, I am bringing myself to a place of deeper gratitude always leading to greater joy, and through that, maybe I can help someone else see beauty and joy in a new way, too.


One thought on “Deep Gratitude brings great Joy.

  1. WOW….you are WISE beyond your years, abby…..i am LOVE LOVE loving your posts lately….KEEP POSTING…….keep writing…….KEEP ON KEEPING ON, abby…’re just gorgeous in your photos AND your writing……ever thought of making a photo book/book with BLURB on ??????????



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