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Drawing with light

I have had the privilege the last two and a half months to participate in Yoga Teacher Training at cambio yoga studio in Colorado Springs.

It’s been a challenging and fun journey of growth!

Earlier this evening, Some beautiful connections were made in my brain after learning from a wise and humble teacher named Jessica (Thank you, Jessica!).

She shared about the deeper parts of yoga- the parts that many of us in the West might not acknowledge often…

The connection that happened in my brain was really cool- as she was sharing about the role of a yoga teacher, I kept hearing things that applied so much to my desire as a photographer.

“Our role is to illuminate – to shine the light on what is already there”.  

A yoga teacher is not someone who creates a thing for someone else.  He or she serves as a humble reflection, allowing for the ‘student’ to find what is already inside.

To illuminate, or to shine the light one what is already there…This is what photography is!

I think I’ve mentioned this before on my facebook page, or maybe on the blog, but the word photography means, “to draw with light”.

I LOVE this.  I love it because it means as a photographer, I get to play this small role in someone’s life….to draw with light, the true light and beauty that is already present.  It’s so important to me to recognize the original, authentic beauty in each person- and to capture that in an honest way (I write a little about this on my website).

“To Draw with Light”.  Isn’t it beautiful?!

Another beautiful metaphor Jessica talked about tonight was the idea that as a teacher, we are hoping to create a condition for the seed to be cultivated.  In other words, the seed in each person is there- we do not place it- but we may have the privilege to watch it grow.  The goal as a teacher is “helping to remember”.  Yoga is so much more than asanas or “postures” and a “good work out”.  For those who want it, it is a practice of going inward- of remembering who we are in the depths of our hearts- and a practice of allowing that seed to flourish.

Another parallel is this idea of “helping to remember”.  A photograph is a beautiful gift that helps us to remember.  Literally, when we see a photograph it can take us back in time to that moment.  It can evoke a feeling, like freedom, hope, longing.  It can stir up memories of a person dear to our hearts that may no longer be with us.  The interesting thing is that, the very act of photographing someone can be a channel for “helping to remember”, too.  The work I want to do is more than just capturing a moment in time, but it is a “drawing with light”  that true (deeper) and authentic person that you may not let everyone see.  This is a challenge in many ways, but I’m inspired even more to make it my goal in each session to draw the out that true beauty of each person I’m honored to work with.

I’m grateful for so many beautiful and brave people I’ve been able photograph- thank you for giving me a glimpse into the true You- and for allowing me to see and be blessed by your light!


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