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are you printing?

For many of us, printing has become a thing of the past.  With everything digital now, it’s so easy to just keep the pictures on your computer or post them to Facebook.  I am a lover of Facebook and use it often (here’s my Love Roots page if you haven’t been, yet!)  But there’s something really special about having a printed photograph in your hand, or a large canvas above your couch in the living room.  I have a photographer friend who has prints all over her house- and it’s so cool!  Displaying your favorites around your home or office is a great way for people to see the real you, and can                                                                                                     remind you of the joy in your life on those days that where it’s easy to forget 🙂

I have some wonderful print companies I’m working with and can order canvas prints (like the one above) as well as metallic prints, large or small prints with fine art papers, coffee table books, and more.

If I’ve done photos for you and you’d like some of these made, just let me know!  E-mail me at or call me!

If you haven’t had pictures taken but want some prints…get in touch and let’s set a date!  I have some really cool new spots I’m dying to take some clients!!

Have a beautiful day!


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