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to scatter love.

“Lord, we cup our hands to gather the pieces of heaven you shower upon us.

Help us to open our hands with generous spirits

and scatter your divine love in the darkest places.”

This quote is from my reading this morning out of “Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals“.

What are those glimpses of heaven I’ve received today, and throughout my life?  What are the small and big pieces of beauty I get to experience every day?  In honesty, probably too many to count. The challenge is to have the eyes to see, the heart to recognize, and the gratitude that leads to a pouring out.  I’ve spent some time this afternoon reading some words from a beautiful person- you may have heard of her: Katie Davis.  She is a young woman who now lives in Uganda and offers her life as a an open hand- scattering His divine love in some dark places.  Her life is so inspiring, so encouraging; and her words are so meaningful because she is not just writing them, she’s living them.  It motivates me.

I’ve written a little about RESTORE INNOCENCE before, but the quote above reminds me of the necessity to be a person who makes it a priority to bring light into dark places.  Restore Innocence is a ministry based here in Colorado who’s mission is “Restoring victims of child trafficking back to the innocent children God created them to be”.  I believe in this ministry and want to invest in it because I know they are living their mission.  Like Katie, they have a powerful mission, but the power lies in the fact that they are not just talking, they are doing.  I have had the privilege of meeting some of the girls Restore Innocence is currently serving. They have been through the dark, dark places of sexual exploitation in our country.  They are incredible, courageous, and they each have a story to tell.  Just the other day I heard one of the girls say, “Restore Innocence saved my life”.  I know it’s not an organization that saves lives…but I do know it’s God’s LOVE and the power of action that does.

I can’t imagine a darker place on earth, than being exploited (in ways I don’t even want to mention).  Human trafficking is a form of slavery, and I am compelled to do something.  I know there are big and small ways to have a role in bringing light into this darkness that exists around us every day.  One way I want to do this is by giving a portion of my profits to Restore Innocence.  One of the future goals RI is working on is building a safe place for girls who have been exploited through sex trafficking.  The dream is the Cinderella House, and it’s a place where hope and healing will happen.  I hope that through my business, I can be a part of helping this dream become a reality.  I am still working on my wedding packaging…but in each package will include a specific amount that will be given to Restore Innocence.  Please spread the word!  Interested couples can check my website for more information: Love Roots Photography.

Recently I wrote a post about our lives being precious– and the importance of living each moment, because we don’t know how long we have.  Today I’m reminded again, that our lives are much more than the daily grind. Our lives are worth so much- and to those of us who are fortunate enough to have everything we need, it is important to start looking around.  What gifts have we received that we can in-turn, pour out?

Let us open our hands and scatter that love.


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