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the brave and free.

So tonight I realized I can not get to thousands of my photos.

To be honest, this has thrown me for a huge loop and caused me immediately to go to the extreme.

I’m done.  I can’t do this.  What’s the point of trying if things like this keep happening….

All those negative places the mind goes to.

And then I started looking for jobs. Craigslist, (which is awesome if you’re looking for a non-profit job and live in a big city)…

Feeling hopeless…I felt a little nudge to stop looking for another job and go over to this sacred space.

I read this from Ann Voskamp.

I’d recommend reading the whole post, but I will quote this that I read with tears of relief…

“And at this angle, the one with the glass so full that it pushes back an ocean of doubt, the world reads differently and the cynics don’t wear wisdom but the shoddy armor of the worried and wounded.  The cynics donning armor because they’re the aching, the afraid not wanting to be disappointed. It’s the cynics who have a limited, bruised vocabulary of no. It can seem easier to reject the world before the world hurts you again. It’s the brave who say a prayerful yes, the brave and wise who believe that the faith-filled yes is what heals things.

It’s the brave and free who are the optimists.

And to be an optimist — for a moment, you first have to be a pessimist.

Because sometimes you can only be an optimist when you have a plan for the pessimist in you. So, you play out the law of Worst Case Scenario: What is the worst thing that could possibly happen?

And there aren’t wolves, trouble, kids, hatred, debts, messes, betrayal, teenagers, disease, lack, hard times, untruths, diagnoses, or disappointment that can possibly separate you from the love of God. Nothing can separate you from Him...

So the Worst Case Senario? Is only the scenario of not wanting Christ the most. So the Worst Case Scenario — is only a possible scenario if you want something more than Christ.

If you want Christ the most — there is no worst case scenario.

Live and He’s using everything to shape you more into Christ and abundant life in Him.

If the pictures are gone, they’re gone.  (but I’m praying they’ll miraculously be recovered).

So with this, I will go to bed clinging to the One thing that matters…and trusting He gave me what I needed tonight to keep going.

Bravery and Freedom.


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