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regrets and the ring of fire

Regrets…what are they all about?

I had this little experience yesterday and it brought on this idea and wanting to explore it a little more.

So yesterday, I had a really cool day with some lovely people in Boulder.  I worked with a great non-profit called Pink Elephant Posse (more on that soon!!) and as I was driving home, there was the most incredible light coming from the sunset.

Do you ever have that experience when you see something so beautiful, you can feel it in your heart?

As I was driving, I was noticing how gorgeous the sunset behind me was.  I was tempted to pull over (I had my camera in the back seat) and snap a few photos.  I kept driving.  Then I saw on the other side of the highway on the hill, a ton of people gathered with cameras set up facing the mountains and sun set.  I still kept driving.

The whole way home I was regretting it.  Maybe I should turn around!?  I won’t lose too much time on my drive home if I just stop for a little bit!?

I kept driving. Regretting.

Why didn’t I stop?  It was such a strange thing to think about as I drove home.  I wondered how often in my life I trade in my true desires just to do what I think I should do instead.  I think it’s more than I’d like it to be. I wish I could say that I live life in the moment.  That I live according to what my heart is leading me to do.  But often, I get stuck in my head and go where I think I’m supposed to – so as not to veer to far from the plan.  I’m not sure what that’s about.

This is another  sad part of the story.  Little did I know that the partial eclipse was happening at that moment!!  Over the breath-taking Rocky mountains, the sky pink and red and orange amidst the clouds was a natural event that only happens Now it makes sense why all those people had their serious photo gear out that particular sunset.  They call it the “Ring of Fire”. People all over the world were watching. And I was driving away from it.  I know it won’t help anything to regret my mistake of not stopping.  But it might serve a purpose in that it’s causing me to look a little deeper into my life.  And reminding me to listen to my heart more and go with it.  That’s the kind of life I want to live!

Aside from this life lesson I’m going to keep thinking about, all I have to show for last night are these few drive-by-hanging-my-phone-out-the-window pictures.


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