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The Next Adventure

In just two weeks, I’m heading to Uganda!

And this is not a trip to “pick up kids”,  as some are asking 🙂

I’m going with a few other women to the other side of the world to spend time with a group of beautiful Ugandan women and children.

My friend Brandi knows an incredible couple in Soroti, Uganda doing some inspiring work. Here’s a little about what we’re doing! “Akwango Anne Grace Elotu and her husband Joseph serve the people of their country with passion and sacrifice.  Since November, we have had the privilege of seeing 300 women join cooperatives (small groups that help the women to work together, pool their resources to help each other achieve sustainability more quickly, learn together, grow together and support one another). We started by raising the money to provide one cow for every 3 women in a group (10 cows for 30 women). What a privilege it has been to watch God work and to see the beautiful pictures of these women receiving their gifts!!!  Well….now we are going to meet our girls!!!!”


(this photo provided by Akwango “Anne” after their co-op received their cows!)

Our plan once we get there is to visit and encourage the girls already in the program, run a conference for 2,000 other women and do an official launch for 3,000 women!

I’m so thrilled that I get to participate in this adventure and use some of my passions together in another part of the world.  I’m hoping to capture some stories of these incredible women and bring back the hope and beauty of who they are to share with you!  I will be taking pictures and hopefully getting to know some ladies through my time there.  As I’ve mentioned before here, I’m also a social worker, and my deep heart is to be a part of bringing healing to people that have experienced trauma.  Part of this trip will be addressing some issues of trauma with women who have been through a lot.  I’m hoping to share what I’ve learned here, and also learn from them, about what it means to trust God in the healing process of our lives. I know I will learn so much from those who have been through more than I can imagine.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to share when I return, stories of beauty, hope, and healing! 

I write in more detail about this conference, what we’ll be doing, and our schedule HERE at DEAR BELOVEDS.

We need help to make this conference possible, as well as financial support to provide oxen and cows and training for the women joining the cooperatives!

Please click here to see exactly what we need and how to support these beautiful women!

Thanks for reading!


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