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Pink Elephant Posse

I’ve been honored to get to work with some incredible people this year and I’m so grateful!

Some of the people I’ve met are part of the posse.

Pink Elephant Posse is a grassroots organization that began out of a deep personal experience with cancer at a young age. Lesley (the founder) is a fighter with a passion to encourage and empower others who have gone through the tough road of battling this disease.

{here’s one of my favorites of Lesley from our last shoot in Boulder}

Please visit the site that is newly launched (Lesley and Dan, her brother and creative director, have been working hard to get this up and running!) …and keep checking back!  Marissa and Lesley are highlighted on the site right now (with photos and video) and we just finished another media shoot with three more incredible (and beautiful!) survivors. Their photos and stories will be up soon. Here is a very sneak peek…just so I don’t give anything away 🙂  I can’t wait to share more about Lesley, the posse, and the other survivors who I’ve been blessed to meet!


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