a life of whimsy.

Have you read Bob Goff’s Love Does, yet?
If not, might I suggest that you click and buy yourself (and maybe a friend) a copy?

Often-times while writing here I find it hard to come up with the right words.  It seems funny that I even try, but I have to.

Especially when it comes to things I’m very passionate about, or things that have changed my life in some way, whether big or small, for the better.

Love Does is one of them.

In one of the chapters, Bob tells a story of a young man who wants to propose to his girlfriend.  He is a stranger and randomly asks Bob one day if he might use Bob’s backyard to propose to his lady.  Bob agrees.  The next day the young man comes and asks Bob if he can play some music for them so they can dance in his yard.  Another few days go by and the young man comes back, asking if he could bring his fiance-to-be on Bob’s porch for a candle-light dinner.  I don’t want to give too much away, but this story continues and it’s a sweet picture of this man’s determination and creativity in pursuing this woman.  To be honest, this story had me in tears on the plane to Uganda.  As I was picturing this, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement, and Bob relates this story to our lives.

“Being engaged is a way of doing life- a way of living and loving.  It’s about going to extremes in expressing the bright hope that life offers us.  A hope that makes us brave, and expels darkness with light.  (That’s what I want my life to be about).  Full of abandon, whimsy, love…I want to be engaged in life and with life”.

Bob asks later, “How has God pursued you in creative and whimsical ways?”

I love that question.

I can think of many interesting and creative ways God has shown His love and desire for me throughout my life.  Going to Uganda was one of them.  It seemed crazy for me to take a trip like this.  We didn’t have any ‘extra’ money and we are currently saving up for our adoption.  Three weeks before my friend and her group were going to leave, I still hadn’t bought my ticket.  I was praying and seeking and waiting for the ‘answer’ to “should I go!?” I feel that God pursued me a a few different ways and prompted me through words of encouragement from friends, provision of money through my photography business, and His gentle nudging in my spirit.  I finally bought my ticket, not knowing why, but I knew that I was supposed to be there.  And among other reasons, some I still have yet to find out, I know God wanted me there to express Himself to me in a new way.  He expressed His whimsy and welcoming Spirit to me through the people of Uganda that I was blessed to meet. He greeted me with joy through the eyes of the woman singing and holding my hands to dance.  He lifted me up when a group of single mothers and widows picked me up off the ground and danced around while I crowd-surfed. For real! I was riding on the waves of Ugandan women dancing and singing with so much joy and light.

He shows Himself to us in secret and in not-so-secret ways.  He wants to lavish us with His love and He does it in the most creative ways. After-all, He is the Creator. The one who created creativity 🙂

On this trip…He creatively pursued my heart through a surprise sunrise over Lake Victoria:

He creatively pursued my heart through hand-made African grass skirts:

He creatively pursued my heart through this woman, who has a heart for the Lord and a passion for her people…determined to bring beauty from ashes.  Thank you, Anne:

He creatively pursued my heart through this sweet girl’s smile

He creatively pursued my heart through witnessing what JOY a cow can bring to a group of women

He creatively pursued my heart through a growing friendship with this girl, who is passionately pursuing Jesus and His call to spend ourselves on behalf of the oppressed

There are many, many more ways….but now it’s your turn.
How has He pursued you lately in creative and whimsical ways?


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