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Full, Blessed, and Tired

It’s been a really great couple months that have left me feeling full, blessed, and a little tired!  They’ve been filled with adventures around the U.S. (and Uganda!), joyful weddings, concerts at Red Rocks, the Beloved Festival, exciting ventures and holy moments.

I hope to slow down enough soon to write and share photos from the incredible weddings I’ve been able to photograph, and to tell you all about the Beloved Collective experience I had, which I believe will significantly shape this next year of my business and life.

I’m finally getting to a place where I am ready to go ALL IN.  I think I was pretending for awhile that I was totally 100% invested in my business.  I’ve recently had some good conversations with my husband, family and friends, who have encouraged me to trust and to let go of some other things so I can pursue my heart for Love Roots Photography. It’s challenging to do it, to go all in.  I think because the risk is greater.  Which means either the reward will be even better, or the fall even harder.  I’m at a point where it’s worth it to me now.  I still feel like I’m floundering most of the time…trying to make something out of the pieces that I’ve strung together slowly. But I’m taking the chance  and hoping that it will become something bigger- something beautiful- that will impact me and my family, and hopefully other people, too.




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