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I invite you to experience BELOVED.

I’ve been promising a post on Beloved  here.

Although I have a lot more to say about Beloved, I hope some of these photos will speak volumes.

Instead of posing and mustering up a smile for the camera, Beloved invites you to



and remember.


After booking your session, you will receive an e-mail with details about your personalized session. You will also get a questionnaire, which will be filled out by you and your loved one individually. No Sharing Answers!

You will e-mail your answers back to me and they will be used during your session and after-wards in the editing/storytelling process.


We will spend 1-2 fun and meaningful hours together. I will give “invites” which will enable you to interact with one another in a comfortable and meaningful way. This takes the focus off me as the photographer, and allow you to express your unique and authentic personalities and love for one another.


I will thoughtfully edit the best images and send you a link to a private online gallery (or you can join me in the studio) to see your pictures! You will get to remember those moments and decide on your favorite images. You will get your favorite image as a 16×20 custom print with the option to upgrade to a canvas. You will also have the option to purchase images, prints, and other products if you’d like!


Why is it called “investment”? These photographs will serve more than just a place on your wall (or on your facebook page!) They will serve as a reminder. Each time you look at one of your photos from this session, my hope is that you will remember that moment, you will remember #e feeling and re-experience your love for one another over again.

Beloved Session:

$150 for up to two hours of photography.

An online gallery of edited images (typically around 50-75)

And a 16×20 print of your favorite image and a DVD with your top 3 images.

*Digital files, coffee table books, canvas and additional prints cancan be purchased as well.

Beloved Package:

$450 for up to two hours of photography

An online gallery of edited images (typically around 50-75)

A 16×20 print of your favorite image.

And your top 25 digital files on a DVD with a print release for sharing and printing.

*Additional digital files, coffee table books, canvas prints and additional prints can can be purchased as well.

If you’d like to experience Beloved, and get some beautiful images, too, send me a message!  I can’t wait to enter into this sacred and beautiful space with you.

Abby Mortenson // // 719.510.4995 //


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