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The Gift of Remembrance

“Abby soon had us laughing as a family, tearfully gazing into each other’s eyes, and experiencing a connection and intimacy that

Ben and I now count as one of the top five moments of our marriage”.

A dear and beautiful friend/sister/mentor of mine wrote this about a Beloved session we had together a few months back. Wow. What an honor and a gift to be able to play a small part in bringing deep joy to people through photography and the mission behind Beloved.  As the beloved guide states,

“Instead of reflecting the surface of those we work with, we become an invitation to experience the richness within them. Beloved is a remembrance of what is most important. A celebration of love”.

How wonderful to give this gift so someone this year!?  A more thorough look at what Beloved can mean to a couple or family;

“My husband and I realized that we hadn’t had a family photo shoot since our twins were born, a bewildering 7 years ago!  Clearly it was overdue… and later we learned, well worth waiting for.  I was a bit nervous going in, as I do not love being photographed, and I knew that it would be nearly impossible to get our three boys in one frame.  Our first few pictures were a bit “posed”, as Ben and I were uptight and trying to control the situation.  Gently and kindly, Abby shifted the atmosphere and invited Ben and I to enjoy ourselves, each other, and our kids.  Through playful games, meaningful questions, and the wisdom of the God’s Spirit in and through her, Abby soon had us laughing as a family, tearfully gazing into each other’s eyes, and experiencing a connection and intimacy that Ben and I now count as one of the top five moments of our marriage.  
As Ben and I spoke and listened to one another, sharing memories, affirmations, and dreams, we were literally unaware of Abby’s presence.  Now we have the most incredible pictures of our family to date, primarily because they capture who we are as a family, our smiles and joys, our tears of gratitude, and our hopes of Goodness to come.  I wish for everyone I know and love to experience a “Beloved” session.  It is a beautiful way to gift a marriage for an anniversary, a family for birthday/holiday gifts, or for an individual – marking and celebrating the Life and Grace we have each been given.  Thank you Abby!  Thank you God!”   ~Amy Day 

Give a gift this year that makes the heart soar, that makes the real, genuine smiles come forth… A Beloved Session can do more than produce authentic and beautiful images to hang in your home.  It can bring a freshness, a lightness, into one of the most important things in life:  Your Relationships.

Please contact me about giving the gift of a Beloved Session to someone important in your life.  // 719.510.4995 //

For a limited time, I am offering a special on all Beloved Sessions!  You will receive a card (like the one pictured above) with details on the back about their gift of a Beloved Session.  In addition to the couple’s five top images and favorite photograph printed in a 16×20,  the couple/family will receive additional hand-crafted prints of the top five photos and the ability to purchase more as desired.  If you’d like details on Beloved pricing, check this post or get in touch with me!

I’m so deeply thankful for God’s grace in my life, for the people who’ve encouraged me on this journey, for anyone who takes time to read this blog, for those who’ve trusted me to capture important moments, and for those I have yet to meet.

Wishing DEEP JOY to each of you this holiday season!


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