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Tips for Brides-to-be!

Hello Brides-to-be! (And grooms, too…if you’re the planning type 🙂

I’m often looking at wedding planning blogs and gorgeous pictures for inspiration, and today I realized, why not share the love!?

If you’re getting married and planning your wedding, there are sooo many places to look. I’m sure you spend literally hours clicking and browsing through endless websites and blogs.

Pinterest is a great way to keep all those inspiring ideas in one place.  I have a couple boards that may help…

And here are a few great people I follow, too, with some beautiful wedding ideas:

Stone Fox Bride

Green Wedding Shoes

Spell & the Gypsy Collective

Festival Brides


And here are a few photos from me with TIPS or things to think about as you plan!

1. Beautiful locations: 

This lovely wedding was held in Colorado Springs, CO at a place called Hillside Gardens.  It’s such a unique location with antique gems all over the property.  When you’re considering locations for your wedding, imagine where you will be taking the photos. Are there good spots for beautiful images? Are there outdoor spaces or indoor spaces with good lighting? If your ceremony is in a low-lit church, consider a reception place with great opportunities for pictures!  A great location does not need to be costly.  I photographed a gorgeous wedding ceremony in a park this summer…I think that was free! 🙂

2. Garlands and flowers in your hair. 

My lovely friend Stella got married on the Northeastern Shore during Hurricane Irene. It was the most beautiful and simple seaside setting…the night set in early and they ended the ceremony hold little lights in the dark!  I love the idea of a simple garland or flower in your hair.  You can still have a veil if that’s your preference, too!  A little touch of natural, earthy beauty goes a long way!


3. Something fun.

These groomsmen pulled our their ‘mustaches’ during picture-time…made for some good shots! If your group of maids and men are goofy, let that shine!  The best photos are the ones that show personality, not fake smiles!

4. Take time for pictures. 

This is a BIG one. There’s nothing more stressful on the wedding day than rushing through these photographs of just the two of you. These are the photos you will want.  Ten, twenty, fifty years down the road when you are thinking back on this day, you’ll want pictures of you and your love. These are the ones you’ll hang on the wall. Make sure to schedule time with your photographer either before (see next tip) or after the ceremony where you’ll have some time for this. I recommend at least 45 minutes.


5. Consider a “first-look” 

I highly recommend doing this!  It’s an opportunity to see your love right before the ceremony…to have that moment, just the two of you (and the photographer, of course!), where the reality of the wedding day sets in.  It’s a sacred moment where you can have a little quiet time of appreciation for one another before the festivities begin.  Out of all the photographs I take during a wedding (thousands!) these are usually my favorite…so much emotion and beauty, without the stress of everyone watching.

6. Trust your photographer! 

I love having the trust from my brides and grooms. When you’re looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding, it’s so important to feel that you can trust him or her.  These images (for many people) will be the way you remember what your wedding day was like.  So many brides and grooms say the day is such a whirlwind.  When hiring a photographer, be sure that you love their style.  If you are looking for traditional photographs, make sure the photographer you hire is traditional!  If you want whimsical, photo-journalistic, funky, detailed….whatever you are looking for, make sure your photographer is a good match. In this photo below, Lorae trusted me and my second-shooter when we said, “let’s get a shot in the bathroom!”. Well in this case, the bathroom was gorgeous, and the light was perfect 🙂


I hope these tips are helpful for you if you’re in the midst of planning and preparing for one of the most important days of your life!

If you’re still looking for a photographer and like my style…get in touch!  I’m booking now for 2013 weddings 🙂  loverootsphotography@gmail.com





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