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Lifestyle Portraits

Today I went out with some lovely ladies to work on my lifestyle/fashion portfolio.  Because of my usual approach (helping people interact with one another so I get more authentic expressions), it’s sometimes uncomfortable for me to photograph individuals. It takes a different kind of creativity to do this kind of photography…and for some reason I’m drawn to it. I really like photographs of individuals and although I’m not typically comfortable with it, I end up really loving the images from these kind of shoots.

Today I had three muses and here are a few of my favorites:


untitled shoot-254

untitled shoot-268


untitled shoot-396

untitled shoot-426

untitled shoot-169

untitled shoot-431

untitled shoot-557

untitled shoot-498

untitled shoot-521

untitled shoot-678

untitled shoot-315


untitled shoot-028

untitled shoot-205

untitled shoot-626

untitled shoot-440

untitled shoot-136


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