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I know some of you saw my post(s) about the DARLINGS Classy Boudoir event.

My photographer friend Becca and I did the shoot over the weekend and had five incredibly awesome women participate. If you’ve ever wanted to do one of these kind of shoots but you’ve been intimidated, you’re not alone!  Most of us women feel intimidated by this sort of thing.  It’s amazing though, after a little time, most everyone was feeling comfortable and confident…which made for some beautiful portraits.  I promise that I do not share any of these images without permission…so if you’re considering a shoot but are afraid of that..don’t worry!

Here’s one image that I really loved from our shoot.

untitled shoot-311-2

My good friend Cass did an amazing job with hair and make-up, and Becca’s mom is a floral designer and made these gorgeous floral garlands for us. You can check out the links below for more information about all those who helped make this shoot a success!

Becca and I loved this event and we are planning on more like it for the future.

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll get you on our information list!  { }

A huge THANK YOU to our ‘team’ and to all the lovely women who participated!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Love Roots Photography + Becca’s Photography, LLC 

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Cass Boyle (Cassidy’s Running with Scissors)

VENUE: The Cliff House 

FLOWERS: Vicky Howard of Victoria Design


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