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Tell Your Story.


Welcome to the 21st Century.

With the accessibility of cameras, and the ability to take pretty great photos on your phone, almost everyone today (at least in the Western world), has the capability of being a photographer.

There’s a commercial out that I’ve seen a number of times that reminds me of this. I don’t even know what company it’s for…but it’s captivating, and tells the story of the millions of photographers in our day. The millions of photographs captured each moment in our world- and how incredible it is that we’re able to share our lives through single images stilled in time.

It is magical. It is a new thing (when I was in high school, we used film. We used the darkroom and didn’t have cell phones.  Some of us had pagers…which is laughable now. What the heck did we think we needed a pager for!?? Ha!)

It’s magical and it’s going to continue to be something that will mark our lives from here on out.

Single images strung together in time reveal the tapestry of our lives.


I really believe it’s such a beautiful thing- and that’s one reason why Instagram has become such an impactful tool in many of our lives. The ability to share our lives- however shallow or deep we choose to, can influence how we live.  I have made friends through Instagram.  I’ve created soul-ties with people I have never even met in person. How incredible? How strange, but amazing!?  To me, it speaks to a few things about who we are.

We have a longing to share. We have a longing to connect. We have a longing to SEE.


I wrote about this awhile back, that photography means “to draw with light”.

I love that imagery – drawing with LIGHT.  When we snap a photo, we are actually using the source of light to ‘draw’ into a photograph what we see with the eye.  Sometimes there is more than what meets the eye, and what we see is deeper and more meaningful that what one might quickly observe. This is another reason I love the documentation of our daily lives through pictures and words. The matching of the two can change the course of my day.  Seeing an image and reading the photographers intention or truth behind that image can speak to deeper places if we let it.  Of course, there are thousands of images of food, cats, and people partying…but sometimes, there are those images that just SPEAK something different. I read an interview with one of my favorite instagrammers, Amy Seeley (now Messenger). She said this so beautifully:

“i am an aritst who believes in fostering and creating beauty,  connecting with others deeply and loving with your guts .  i’m also a believer in magic and discovering awe again, even through our deepest griefs and losses….and with ig, sometimes i sigh deeply because of the beauty you all are finding … or squeal and SWEAR because one of you posts an image that is downright extraordinary”.

She is one of those soul-tie people. I knew her on IG before I met her in person..but instantly felt connected through her imagery and words I would see on my feed.  Mary is another one of those people. We have become friends through Instagram and quickly realized we were kindred spirits. She is now living (one of my dreams) in Uganda serving at an orphanage…follow her IG and see the incredible beauty she captures!  Francine and Jobin, and some others have encouraged and inspired me though this little virtual community; a virtual community with roots.

The roots are in the stories revealed through images.


So if you have a camera, or a phone that takes pictures…use it. Use it, TELL YOUR STORY, if anything, to find out more about yourself. To understand more of how you see your world and the life you’ve been given. And maybe, by sharing those moments in time, you’ll have an impact on someone’s life in ways you may never know.



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