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the HOME project #2: Dan


Welcome back!

I mentioned in my previous Home project  post that I was going to make sure I interviewed people I did not know…to get me out of my comfort zone. Well, since I interviewed a complete stranger last time, I decided it might be ok to interview someone very close to me. So I interviewed my husband, Dan. 🙂

untitled shoot-034

Something interesting about us is that in our six years of living in Colorado, we have lived in 10 different places!!  Sometimes I worry that future landlords (or our adoption agency) will think that we are really bad tenants or criminals of some sort…but the truth is, there has usually been some odd and/or legitimate reason that we’ve had to move. There was the one time that we just wanted to get a puppy…


(Beans…you were worth it!)

Another time we moved to ‘save money’, another time because the owners wanted to sell the house, and another time that we needed an extra bedroom for our home-study.  Ahh..we have our reasons, but to many people we probably just look completely insane.

(we left out a few…but here’s a quick sampling of our lovely abodes in the last six years)


We didn’t get around to ALL the places we’ve lived..but at least you get the idea.  And, YES…we did live in a shed, but we called it “the cottage” and basically slept there and lived in Craig and Wend’y house most of the time…they’re awesome.

With that strange ‘home’ history that we have together, I thought it might be interesting to ask Dan what Home means to him…

“Growing up, home was a safe place for me. There were always people around, there was always something to do… I know not everyone has that”

If you know Dan or his family well, you know that he is 1 of 10 kids!!!  1 of 10!

So from my perspective…I can see why Dan loves to have an ‘open-door policy’ at our house.  He’s used to having lots of people around, lots of action. He’s also one of the most welcoming people on the planet. And many of our friends know that they’re always welcome to come over…and they’ll most likely end up having dinner or hanging out all night.  I love that about Dan. And I also love that for him, home is more than a specific place or a physical house,  it is more-so the idea of a place to create or be in community.  It’s been such a gift to me!

So…if you’re in the neighborhood, come on by! If you don’t mind the chaos, you can stay and I’ll make you some coffee and Dan will make the cookies 🙂

Also, click on over to see Shun-Luoi’s HOME project for this week!


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