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the HOME project #3 : Yvonne + Zoe

I met Yvonne just this past weekend thanks to Erica, who sent her my way!

One of the coolest things about being a photographer is the privilege of getting to meet new people in their own spaces, and getting a glimpse into their lives, personality, and what is important to them. I love that! And I’m grateful for the opportunity of meeting Yvonne and her sweet companion, Zoe.

img_0346 (1)

img_0109 (1)


“Home is where, alone or with friends/family,

I feel whole,

at peace,

comfortable in my skin,

and can easily express my true self…

Zoe is the root of home:  unconditional love and acceptance.

Being present is all that is required to feel good”.

img_0441 (1)

I really enjoyed meeting Yvonne and Zoe, and getting a little glimpse into their lives. Yvonne has some really fun stories of adventures she’s been on and we laughed about some of her experiences while on a solo bike trip around Spain! Thanks, Yvonne, for trusting me to capture your authenticity and beauty!

Also, check out Shun-Luoi’s HOME project with our friend Yemi here!


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