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Brent + Ashley {a midwest wedding}

My first wedding of the season was a fun and beautiful wedding in middle-America.

The week leading up to the day had been sunny and warm in Nebraska; perfect early summer weather. The morning of, we worried about clouds rolling in and heavy winds. Although the weather did limit us a bit from getting as many photographs as we wanted to outside, we made it work! The town of Genoa is small and Ashley’s family probably knew everyone that lived there, including the man who had the keys to “The Indian School”.  In 1884 the school was opened up and eventually ended up serving Native American children from ten states and over 20 tribes until the government closed it down during the Great Depression.  Now the school is a museum and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

untitled shoot-002

untitled shoot-159-2

untitled shoot-114-2

untitled shoot-154-2-3


…just a little wind…

untitled shoot-204-2-2


untitled shoot-300-2

untitled shoot-296-2

untitled shoot-069

untitled shoot-027

untitled shoot-066

untitled shoot-345-2

untitled shoot-364-2

untitled shoot-386-2-2

untitled shoot-395-2

….and a little wedding party…

untitled shoot-137

…and a party bus with plenty to celebrate…

untitled shoot-361

untitled shoot-422

untitled shoot-295

untitled shoot-272

untitled shoot-176-3

untitled shoot-436-2

…an even bigger party to follow…

untitled shoot-840

untitled shoot-870-2


untitled shoot-1437


untitled shoot-747

If you’ve never been welcomed by a big community of Nebraskans in a small town, you’re missing out 🙂

Thanks so much for having me, Ashley and Brent.  May you be blessed in your life together!!

untitled shoot-371-3


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