D + R {a romantic backyard wedding}

Danielle and Russ had a romantic and intimate backyard wedding this summer in Upper Arlington, Ohio (my hometown!)

It was such a joy, such an honor to be there. Danielle is one of my friends from high school (some good ol’ days!) And she and Russ are so beautiful together.  I hope you can feel the love and true joy from these photographs… I know for me, when I see them, I feel something.  And that’s the kind of work I always want to do. I cried going through these images (a few times!) and I’m so grateful Danielle and Russ loved them, too.


untitled shoot-081

untitled shoot-096

untitled shoot-143

untitled shoot-151

untitled shoot-161 untitled shoot-164

untitled shoot-013-2

untitled shoot-021-2

untitled shoot-087-2

untitled shoot-089-2

untitled shoot-096-2

untitled shoot-100-2-2

untitled shoot-103-2

untitled shoot-123-2

untitled shoot-226-2

untitled shoot-238

untitled shoot-485

untitled shoot-020-3-2

untitled shoot-074-3

untitled shoot-088-3untitled shoot-094-3

untitled shoot-125-3-2

untitled shoot-119-3

untitled shoot-223

untitled shoot-356

untitled shoot-132

untitled shoot-468

untitled shoot-499

untitled shoot-141

untitled shoot-112

untitled shoot-206-2


untitled shoot-218-2

untitled shoot-240-2

This is the kind of wedding I absolutely love to be a part of.  Thank you, friends.  May you always have this affection and love for one another as you journey together through life!


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