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You are loved.

Guess what?

Even if you don’t have a special “Valentine” today…YOU ARE LOVED. loved

Although my husband and I don’t usually make a big deal of Valentine’s Day, I can see why it exists, and why it really is important for people. I think that it really shows us the longing that each human being has in this world. The deep longing to be loved. To be understood, loved, and connected, is one of our most important needs in this life. And sadly, many people go through their days not believing or even knowing that they are loved. I know not everyone may have the same beliefs about this that I do…but I wholeheartedly believe that there is a Divine and Loving Creator who made us to crave and desire love and connection, and not only that, He wants to be the one to meet that desire. He tells us that “I have loved you with an everlasting love”. He reminds us throughout history and words that His love never fails.  I’ve recently come across a beautiful instagram feed that has given me a refreshed perspective of God’s deep and profound love for his people.  One day when I was really struggling and feeling un-loved, broken, and needing a big reminder, I spend some time reading through posts from thejealouslove on instagram. Here are some words I read and re-wrote to remind myself of the truth about love, God’s love, for me.

“You are mine and mine alone. You are the love I have crowned. I keep a close watch on your heart because it belongs to me. I know the plans and riches I have for you. Ever since I set my gaze on your heart, I chose it forever and I will never be turned away from it…”

untitled (833 of 1012)

“I know the thoughts that haunt your mind and the cares you carry in your heart. I desire to carry them for you so that I may place the crown of beauty on your head. That I may take your hand and guide you through a passage of endless discovery. The very things you’re wanting are the very things I passionately and desperately desire to give to you…Allow me to have your heart so that you may be F R E E …..”

untitled (901 of 1012)-2

“He releases the rhythms of love through the atmosphere of their shared space. It is narrow and only a heart that is childlike can find it. Speculation and doubt can not even see the door, but awe and wonder will pave the path to it’s gates…for this place is not bound by earth’s wisdom, but freed through heaven’s wisdom. It is abundant beauty that never stops unfolding her identity through the King…”

And for those of you who are married and are feeling a little tiny (or not-so-tiny) piece missing because you wish you had the romantic feelings and excitement you may have once had in the beginning, these words from Ann Voskamp are a beautiful reminder of why love and true romance are more than what we see on tv and throughout all types of media. It’s deeper and more beautiful, and although not always easy, it always connects us deeper to True Love Himself.

For any couples out there that would love some time to reflect and laugh together, sharing in a new way while having intimate and meaningful portraits taken, Beloved Sessions are something I absolutely love to do…and I know it will bless you. Contact me through my website if you’d like more information. (


Wherever your heart is today, may you know that you are deeply loved. always loved.




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