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A Sweet Colorado Proposal + Beloved Session

Adam and Michelle are two new friends that I met this year at our church.  Adam told me a few weeks ago that he was planning to surprise Michelle and propose a little early (they had talked about getting engaged sometime this year). He wanted to know if I could hide out and photograph him proposing, and then do some portraits right after. I was thrilled to get to be a part of this important act of love and devotion…and I brought along my friend Tony to help me get some shots as well.  Adam is an artist and wood-worker and hand-made Michelle’s engagement ring.

I’m so grateful I got to be a little part of this amazing day for them…and so excited for their journey together. They both have beautiful hearts for loving God and loving people- and I know together they will make a lovely and impactful couple.

adam michelle-2


Adam had also arranged for the family to hide and come out for a quick celebrating before they shared a little wine and cheese picnic.




adam michelle-3






adam michelle


Congratulations, my friends! May your life together be full of joy and deep connection and love with God and one another.


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