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An Update from Thailand


I’ve spent over a week here in Bangkok, Thailand with the Unseen Ministries team. Walking miles through the crowded city streets and riding the BTS, buying street food on our way to the ministries we’ve been working with, taking photos, talking about life. We’ve had the honor of getting to know two amazing organizations here : Dton Naam and Home of New Beginnings, both of which serve young people who have, for one reason or another, gotten caught up in the industry of sexual exploitation. It’s so common here that it’s considered “normal” or “a way of life”. But the interesting thing is, this “way of life” only seems to be common for the poorest of the poor. It seems to be “normal” only for those who have had no other choice but to sell themselves in order to help their family eat and survive. We’ve been learning so much from those we’ve worked with and encountered here – and even from observing with our own eyes and camera lenses. I have so many things I want to share, but we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to sit and reflect much. let alone come up with the right way to explain what we’ve experienced.

One thing I’d love to share is that there is HOPE here. There are people that care and have made a home for those who would otherwise have none. I believe that God is at work here through these organizations (and others we have not even met), and is bringing healing and hope.

When Teryn asked the girls at Home of New Beginnings what they love about being there, many of them said “FAMILY”.

One word that contains more meaning to these girls than we might ever know.


Tomorrow we leave the city and head south. I’ll hopefully have more time to share more soon, but in the mean-time, feel free to check out Unseen’s blog to read more. After our trip, we are helping provide new media / websites / video and photos for Dton Naam and New Beginnings. I can’t wait to share when everything is ready!

So grateful to be here.


(photo of me by Anthony Delao)




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