Give Hope.

Africa changed me.

In the three times I’ve been to Africa, I’ve come back a different person, a better person. I’ve come back with a deeper love for people, a humbled heart, an amazement of the people I met.  The first trip I took was to Ethiopia in 2010. I went with my mom, some great friends, and an organization that does community development and orphan-care throughout the region and other parts of the world. I wrote a bit about that experience here and here.  The second and third trips were to Uganda, where I fell in love more deeply, and made connections that will continue to shape my life. I wrote about my first trip to Uganda with Beauty for Ashes (about being deeply loved) here and about being free and fearless here. 


I met some incredible women, who have lived difficult lives in one of the poorest places in the world. Women who work so hard to provide for their children, whose biggest wish is that their children would get an education so they could somehow have hope out of the poverty cycle that so many find themselves in.

We have an opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

What if we spent our lives on behalf of others?

What if for Christmas, we gave the gift of education (life-changing education) to our family and friends on behalf of the beautiful children I had the privilege of meeting across the world?


I would love to invite you to join a village! Or give the gift of education this Christmas. It’s so fulfilling knowing that we can be a part of someone’s life across the world- and we can make a LIFE-CHANGING difference for a few special kids who want nothing more than to go to school.

To give, please visit Beauty for Ashes Uganda and select “one time donation” if you’d like to pay for one or two (or more!) kids to go to school, or “join our village” to become a monthly partner and make a sustainable impact for these mamas and kids. At this point, we are still in need of about $11,000. But as always, I know God will provide. It’s amazing how he brings people together to provide for these precious kids.

Click on the links above or feel free to e-mail me if you have questions! You can download any of these photos and print to give to your family or friends when you present their gift!

Thank you for changing lives and BRINGING HOPE this Christmas ❤



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