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Warm Hearts and A Lovely Winter Wedding

I met Chloe and Alex when I photographed them for their engagement. I got to travel back to Fort Collins, which brought back some good memories of going up there for graduate school a few years back. I met them at the coffee shop I used to stop at and then we headed to the gorgeous reservoir with our coffee for some exploration.  Then come winter, it was time for the wedding! On a beautiful, blustery winter day, Chloe and Alex got married at The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park. It was a gorgeous and heartfelt celebration. The joy and love was vivid throughout the evening. The dark and wintery sky along with the white buffalo were the perfect backdrop for this perfect day. 465B4180ca3-3465B4287c+a-4465B4532ca5465B4407465B4184465B4510465B4540465B4575465B4554465B4579465B7821ca3465B7836750A1456ca3-2465B7970750A1572465B7937465B8006750A1609750A1668465B8039465B8130465B8139465B8075ca5-3465B8283465B8452ca5-2465B8409c+a-2465B9010465B9071




It was a gift to be present for this day. Chloe and Alex, you have lovely family and friends, and such a sweet relationship. May you two have a beautiful life together!


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