Hello! I’m Abby Mortenson and I’m grateful to call Colorado home. Although most of my work is here…I’m from Ohio and have lived in Michigan and Maryland and love going back. I have quite the wanderlust soul, and would be happy to travel anywhere for your wedding or event. 

The Love Roots vision is that photography would be more than a passion for me
and a gift for others. The vision is that everyone involved would be a part
of the bigger picture. This is why I value our community,  care about justice,
and  see everyone, regardless of income, as deserving something beautiful.
My hope is that LoveRoots would not only remind people of their own
uniqueness and beauty, but would also inspire people to think outside themselves
locally, nationally, and globally.

Through my photography and my mission, I hope I am contributing to many lives in a lasting way.

This is why I give back-to our
community and our world by giving 10% of all my profits to
some select non-profits in our own community and within our world!

Visit my website!   Love Roots Photography
or E-mail me at loverootsphotography@gmail.com 
with questions or photography needs!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Abby


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