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Time for some photographs…

I know I haven’t posted many sessions lately…and my website is currently down…not the best business plan for a photographer, I know. After all the adoption stuff went down in the winter, my mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in her home down the street from us. I’ll be sharing more about that heart-breaking loss… Continue reading Time for some photographs…

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An Update from Thailand

I’ve spent over a week here in Bangkok, Thailand with the Unseen Ministries team. Walking miles through the crowded city streets and riding the BTS, buying street food on our way to the ministries we’ve been working with, taking photos, talking about life. We’ve had the honor of getting to know two amazing organizations here :… Continue reading An Update from Thailand

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I’m going to Thailand!

A few months ago, I began reading an impactful book by Gary Haugen called “The Locust Effect: How the end of poverty requires the end of violence”.  As all Haugen’s books do, it gripped me. It awoke again, my heart’s desire to hear the cry of the oppressed and to take a stand on behalf of… Continue reading I’m going to Thailand!

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Tell Your Story.

Welcome to the 21st Century. With the accessibility of cameras, and the ability to take pretty great photos on your phone, almost everyone today (at least in the Western world), has the capability of being a photographer. There’s a commercial out that I’ve seen a number of times that reminds me of this. I don’t even know what company… Continue reading Tell Your Story.

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2012, Thank You.

Thankful. 2012 was my first official year as a full-time business. To be honest, it’s been very challenging. Sometimes discouraging, but over-all, humbling and amazing. I found out that my blog got close to 11,000 views this year…cool!  And my most popular post, in case you missed it, was THEO’S DAY, which makes my heart… Continue reading 2012, Thank You.

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Photography and the role of social justice (part 1)

Those who know me well know that I tend to get involved in a LOT of activities. I have many passions, and have a desire to be involved in a multiple of causes, events, circles, etc. This can look bad sometimes, I realize…and I’ve come to a place of being OK with that. It’s just… Continue reading Photography and the role of social justice (part 1)